Bar & Restaurant POS

Mix Drinks, Not Software

Why slow down the pace of a bar just because of software? Erply’s Bar and Restaurant POS software makes handling your business smooth and efficient.

With Bar POS, organize and order drink mixers, napkins, juices, limes and lemons, straws, bottle holders, and liquor pourers. Create a happy hour price list and make your bar or restaurant the most popular on the block.

Restaurant POS will allow you to sort ingredients in groups, make specialty food categories, create lunch and dinner specials, run promotions through social media or an integrated app, and use location-based technology to advertise to customers in your area.

Count your day’s opening and closing amounts, narrow the scope to specific registers and keep track of the time and employees who managed a till.

Erply allows bars and restaurant management to:

  • Distribute commission to waiters, busboys, and bartenders or collectively pool and allocate it evenly to everyone
  • Allow customers to add tips on the POS
  • Save and email receipts to customers
  • Have employees clock in and out and keep a record of your timeclock entries
  • Determine the busiest times during the day by running a sales report by hours

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Bar POS features:

Open tabs

Quick select buttons

iPad Mobile POS

Kitchen printing

Drink price specials

Customer tracking

Always in use

Point of Sale doesn’t rely on a constant Internet connection. Data will be saved offline and automatically updated the next time POS connects to the Internet.

Ready to go

Works with all the displays, computers, printers and scanners you already have. Don’t spend money on new equipment!


You can continuously add new products, new warehouse locations and new employees. The system is easy to use and update!

Easy access

All your business information is stored online and you can access it any time wherever you are. Check sales reports even on holidays!