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Stay in Style with Fashion POS Solutions

Fashion companies make up one of the largest portions of the retail landscape. From apparel to footwear to accessories, having an effective POS is integral to running your operation. Erply's back office enables brands to manage supplier lists, enter product information, receive and place POs, and replenish stock automatically.

Apparel Categories: Athletic, formal wear, seasonal wear

Footwear Components: Shoes, laces, polishes, materials

Acccessories Categories: Sunglasses, belts, cufflinks, bags, cases

Since apparel companies deal with customers closely on a daily basis, having an easy-to-use, intuitive POS for sales personnel is crucial. Erply's POS quick-buttons allow you to program popular items on the dashboard for speedy shopping cart additions, calculate countries' tax rates, view pending sales and pickup orders, and process returns.

Matrix dimension for variations by color, style and size help you organize your product database to a tree. Product priority groups allow you to see which items need to be ordered and those that are no longer made. And stock replenishment reports alert you when your inventory levels are low and need re-ordering.

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Fashion POS features:

Matrix Dimensions

Pickup Orders


Loyalty Points

Customer Purchase History

Always in use

Point of Sale doesn’t rely on a constant Internet connection. Data will be saved offline and automatically updated the next time POS connects to the Internet.

Ready to go

Works with all the displays, computers, printers and scanners you already have. Don’t spend money on new equipment!


You can continuously add new products, new warehouse locations and new employees. The system is easy to use and update!

Easy access

All your business information is stored online and you can access it any time wherever you are. Check sales reports even on holidays!