iPad POS

Have you tried the new iPad POS system?

iPad POS is the convenient and easy way to access software to initiate transactions. POS software can be accessed through standard retail touchscreens, desktops and laptops, and as many retailers are transitioning to, iPads, to reduce costs and gain mobility.

Retailers can give off the impression that they are sophisticated, in the know, and up to speed on the latest trends. Instead of taking a backseat to a routine checkout, customers can gain control and pique their curiosity. Furthermore iPad POS provides a clean, simple and very user friendly alternative to a standard PC or touchscreen.

Some distinct advantages to an iPad based system are:

  • Cost savings per register
  • Greater capacity on big sale days
  • Powerful customer service tools
  • Streamlined sales process
  • Fast and minimal employee training
  • Environmentally friendly – email and save receipts, and store signatures electronically!
  • Better equipping your business leads to happier, more effective staff
  • Seamless integration and low cost to entry
  • Work offline

Loyalty apps also allow the cusomter to participate in a reward-oriented sales cycle that benefits the seller from a repeat customer standpoint and the buyer from a cost-saving perspective.

The New iPad POS app allows you to run your business with efficiency and style. Cloud integrated, easily configured and mobile, Erply iPad POS system simplifies the process of running multiple registers. Ring up sales, track customers, and manage inventory and employees from any wireless network. Easily accept returns and void transactions. Add product details right on the iPad and take a photo for recordkeeping. Add signatures to receipts electronically, e-mail or print them, and then save those receipts which can be retrieved anytime. Accept gift cards and keep track of loyalty points and store credit. Shipping integration module with barcode printing and labeling.

Through settings you have the option to:

  • Add numerous locations
  • Store employee contact information
  • Add tax rates
  • Configure payment options and hardware integrations
  • Add custom code like Javascript or CSS
  • Choose from 17 languages

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Always in use

Point of Sale doesn’t rely on a constant Internet connection. Data will be saved offline and automatically updated the next time POS connects to the Internet.

Ready to go

Works with all the displays, computers, printers and scanners you already have. Don’t spend money on new equipment!


You can continuously add new products, new warehouse locations and new employees. The system is easy to use and update!

Easy access

All your business information is stored online and you can access it any time wherever you are. Check sales reports even on holidays!