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How our Point of Sale actually works

Click on photos to see our Point of Sale (POS) working in real life and take a look at the screenshots of the software

iPad POS


Back Office

Back Office

Point Of Sale

A point of sale or a checkout is the heart of the system. Your customer’s purchases and related payments are processed from here.

Credit Card Processing has internal integrated credit card processing which is made quick and simple. You only need to swipe a client’s credit card and the transaction will be completed in a matter of seconds.

Multiple Registers

Set up unlimited number of registers (points of sale) with You can have supermarkets or chain stores with as many checkouts as you wish, and they all run on the same system.

Inventory Control

Inventory control is an essential part of the system to help keep tabs on your stock. makes it easy to update product information, take inventory and manage purchase orders. It answers the basic questions of When, Where, and How much?

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