Service POS

Software at your service!

Organizing and running your service business is no longer a headache! With service point of sale specific modules, you can manage your business smoothly! Send quotes, track and assign projects to your employees, organize your inventory and even invoice your customers!

We also know that you have a large and diverse inventory. ERPLY’s bundling and recipe features allows you to pull just the right amount of products to complete a project. No more over or under ordering from your suppliers!

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Service POS features:

Projects and assignments

Calendar based appointments

Employee management

Quotes and invoicing

Product control

Customer tracking

Always in use

Point of Sale doesn’t rely on a constant Internet connection. Data will be saved offline and automatically updated the next time POS connects to the Internet.

Ready to go

Works with all the displays, computers, printers and scanners you already have. Don’t spend money on new equipment!


You can continuously add new products, new warehouse locations and new employees. The system is easy to use and update!

Easy access

All your business information is stored online and you can access it any time wherever you are. Check sales reports even on holidays!