Sports POS

Keep on Running

Athletic stores have to carry inventory from a number of different sports categories like soccer, tennis, and baseball as well as from different manufacturers and product groups, mainly clothing and equipment makers.

The services that an athletic shop provides such as racquet stringing or skate sharpening make up a sizeable portion of its revenue. In order to offer the best merchandise and stay competitive, Erply offers:

  • Customer notes: keep track of return patron’s specifications such as racquet tension
  • E-mail receipts with your own logo and save it with a customer's record
  • Quick-buttons for your best-selling merchandise
  • Pending sales – save items in a cart for future purchases
  • 24/7 customer support

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Sports POS features:

Easy Invoicing

Product Returns

Stock and Product Lookup


Always in use

Point of Sale doesn’t rely on a constant Internet connection. Data will be saved offline and automatically updated the next time POS connects to the Internet.

Ready to go

Works with all the displays, computers, printers and scanners you already have. Don’t spend money on new equipment!


You can continuously add new products, new warehouse locations and new employees. The system is easy to use and update!

Easy access

All your business information is stored online and you can access it any time wherever you are. Check sales reports even on holidays!