Our Story and Vision




How does it sound – you’ll be relaxing on a beautiful island and at the same time your business is being run efficiently and in style. Too good to be true?


Well, that’s what Erply does. With us, you’ll get more than just a piece of front-end software, as we take full responsibility of running the back end.


ERPLY provides you with more than just retail software. We have the easiest and most powerful platform to manage your inventory and shops. We offer more functionality with zero maintenance cost. We’re fast, reliable, and flexible. While ERPLY has all the same functionality as our competitors what separates us from the competition is the fact that ERPLY as a business started off as a back-office company doing B2B customizations for small to mid-size businesses. That being said many ERPLY’s back-office functionalities that stands on our platform today comes from our veteran developers finding solutions for dealing with unique day to day operations of businesses. We take pride in our back-office.


“Erply’s larger vision is a big one —

to help brick and mortar shops

stay in business and keep

neighborhoods vibrant.“



Our Story

Erply was founded in 2009 to give businesses the easiest and most powerful platform to manage their inventory and shops across a series of locations and devices. In the short eight years in the business, we’ve managed to do it. Erply has become a recognized leader in the POS marketplace through our hundreds of features, mobile apps, dozens of supported languages, and our robust API. We have successfully transformed the retail software landscape with our cloud-based system that’s supplanted legacy servers by way of true centralization, phasing out both manual software updates and maintenance.


Erply’s development team is based in Tallinn, Estonia, the birthplace of such successful companies as Skype and TransferWise. This technological hub is the engine of Erply’s innovation and forward-thinking. Our headquarter is based in New York.


Our solutions manage billions of transactions annually with more than 250,000 users worldwide, supporting 30 different languages. Our product is scalable and supports anywhere from a single location to thousands of stores.


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