Point of Sale

Point of Sale

One POS for Your Computer, Smartphone and iPad tablet


ERPLY POS lets you to run your business efficiently and in style. Cloud-based, mobile and easy to configure, ERPLY simplifies running multiple registers. Fully integrated Point of Sale for iPad tablets, Windows PC-s, Android smartphones, and dedicated POS hardware. Ring up sales, track customers, and manage inventory and employees from any LAN or wireless network.


Sell in-store on Windows or Mac


Focused on small/medium size business, this software brings the power and functionality of a traditional POS system to a hand held device, giving your business that professional feel without the professional cost. All POS transaction data entered into the app will automatically be synchronized in real time with your ERPLY account, leaving all of your books and reports completely accurate, 100% of the time.


Fast & Responsive


Besides the key worry of sales coming to a halt, ERPLY POS software also solves another issue that comes along with Internet reliance: sluggishness. The new Windows and Mac OS X offline POS software improves significantly touch-screen responsiveness and helps maintain working speed even during the busiest hours. Don’t feel comfortable utilizing touch screen? No need, there is also an option to use a keyboard & mouse instead.


Easy Installation


POS hardware installation hassle free. It has all been modified for you using ERPLY’s offline POS software installation wizard, just follow the steps to a successful install. Utilizing direct printing technology we can spit out receipts 65% faster than using traditional drivers. Speaking of drivers, those are also no longer necessary. Setting up your receipt printer, customer display or cash drawer is as simple as connecting them to a computer and turning them on.


Offline Mode


No need to scramble when Internet erratically disrupts. Smart Windows and Mac OS X POS software recognizes when Internet is lost and automatically switches over to offline mode. No need to depend on your staff to know what to do in case if emergency. Doing business in an absolutely internet-less location? (Trade shows, outdoor sales etc) No problem, records will be updated once Internet connection is re-established. Whether you’re updating customer data, adding new products or simply selling, all data will be recorded and synchronized to back-office when internet is present.


Powerful Back End


Attractive POS software is nothing without a powerful back-office to match. Get beauty and brains with ERPLY. Equipped with powerful tools like stock replenishment based on reorder restock levels, Customer CRM, loyalty programs, promotional campaign management, coupons, and employee commissions tracking to name a few.




ERPLY shows you exactly how far cloud-based POS software can be developed. This full-featured Windows and Mac OS X POS client is quick and painless to install, powerful yet easy to use, and has minimal hardware requirements allowing you to utilize existing hardware. Internet disruptions are no longer a dilemma. ERPLY POS software works both on & offline utilizing its best in breed Cloud Hybrid technology. How it works: POS registers can function offline, store data locally, and synchronize back to the cloud once Internet connection is re-established. Enjoy the benefits of web based POS software without the worry of Internet dependency.


Sell on-the-go with Erply iPad POS system


The New iPad POS app allows you to run your business with efficiency and style. Cloud integrated, easily configured and mobile, ERPLY iPad POS system simplifies running multiple registers. Ring up sales, track customers, manage inventory and employees from any wireless network.

Speedy Transactions.

Email receipts.


Everything from small sales to complex custom sales orders are processed in a blink! Log in to your iPad point of sale system to sell anything from anywhere. Synchronization with POS system back-office happens automatically.


Return / Void with iPad POS system


Returning items is no longer a difficult process. You can now return and void items while being completely mobile. Enter the customer receipt number, to pull up the original, select items to be returned and reimburse the funds.


Add & Edit products straight from iPad POS system


More back-end functionality at your fingertips. Add your product details and capture product picture with iPad camera, all from the settings menu. Adjust your tax rates and be up selling without using your regular cash register.


Printing from iPad Point of Sale System


Print Receipts and Z-reports automatically with Star Micronics printer via wireless connection. Utilizing integrated Card payments, Customers can add signature straight from the iPad POS System touch screen to be auto-printed on the receipt in seconds.


Customizable Store settings


ERPLY’s back-office makes setting up your store easy. Configure your stores and registers, add locations, manage inventory, track employees and you’re ready to sell in just a few minutes. Manage multiple stores from one device.


Interact with customers, stay social


Get to know your customers and build solid relationships using our integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Add customers to the iPad POS System as you meet them. Track your VIP’s and treat them with special price lists, promotions and/or loyalty programs.



Connected to powerful iPad POS Back-Office


Automatic stock replenishment


Figure out which products are hot and which are not! Pull product reports and automate your stock replenishment process utilizing ERPLY’s POS System powerful re-order points. Manage your entire inventory in real time, from anywhere, on one central platform.


Realtime reporting across your stores straight from iPad POS System


As the back-end is web-based you can log on anytime and anywhere. Easily run pre-defined or create custom reports. See sales by accounts, product groups or by employees! Export your reports to excel quickly and painlessly.


100K+ Stores worldwide


“I needed something that was compatible with an iPad as that is how I wanted to handle sales. ERPLY iPad POS was the perfect match for my store. Not only does it act as a cash register, but it tracks all of my customers, invoices, sales and inventory. Most of the software that I was seeing was inventory management only.” – NYLuxuryWatches

Erply iPad POS System Works for Small Businesses, scalable for Enterprise


Credit card payments on iPad Pos


A secure way for payment processing

  • Starting from 1.9% per swipe

  • Built-in PCI compliance

  • Use full featured inventory management

  • Receipt printer and cash drawer support

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