Customer Management


Erply's Customer Management


Get to know your customers and sell more. ERPLY POS’ customer management as part of the ERPLY back-office suite is truly a CRM system on its own. You can record and manage detailed customer contact information including name, address, phone, email, business info, Twitter ID, Facebook name, and webpage URLs. Further, attach all sales invoices, payment, and order information to an account. Track banking information, billing statements, available credit, overdue penalties, balance reports, import/export existing client lists, and view customer reward points. The system is also able to create and implement loyalty programs for promotional incentives.

ERPLY’s customer information portal helps you to serve your customers better. You can instantly view a customer’s purchase history, store credit, reward points, notes, and contact details. The system is also able to record each customer’s sales history, allowing storeowners to keep track of frequent purchases to send customers recommendations, coupons, promotions, discounts, or other specials and take note.


Customer tracking leads to having the data you need to make x customers happier and your interactions more profitable.


If you want to track customers, customer spending, or set up a loyalty program, it is best to import your customer list or manually enter all of your customers. Subscribed accounts can have their initial customer list imported by our lovely support staff.


Customer groups


Customer groups are used to track specific groups of customers (wholesale, retail, VIP, teams, employees, family members, any grouping you’d like!) and can be used to implement discounts or special pricing, as well as tracking sales by group.


Loyalty programs


Loyalty programs are a great way to retain customers, and encourage more interaction and repeat visits. ERPLY’s loyalty program is point based, and can be setup to include a customer loyalty card for easy sales tracking and application of special prices, discounts, and offers.

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