Product Management


PIM features:

ERPLY provides you with omni-channel retailing which enables a customer to use more than one sales channel in a single shopping transaction. For example, a customer can purchase online and pick up from the store, buy from the store and initiate an online return, etc.

By using a Product Information Management (PIM) solution, all retail data, plus the back-office information, is distributed centrally to warehouse, e-commerce, webpage or product catalogues, franchises, partners, suppliers and vendors.

And it is constantly up to date. It helps the employees to create a product catalogue which helps to differentiate. Differentiation therefore, involves the idea of creating a set of unique attributes that sets a company apart from its competitors. When incorporated as part of a wider competitive strategy, differentiation can help shoot the growth of a retail store to the next level.


Retail stores can use innovative product offerings as a way of staying ahead of competition. The creation of new products may constitute a huge financial burden because of the research and development requirements, in addition to production and marketing costs. However, the benefits can be huge as customers strive to be among the first to acquire new products.

Through ERPLY’s printout customization tool you have the power to print custom barcode labels and shelf tags – attach business logos, images, descriptions, QR codes, create dimensions – particularly useful when a ending trade fairs, workshops, or running a pop-up shop.

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