Loyalty Programs


ERPLY's Loyalty Program Features:

ERPLY’s promotional campaigns allow users to set numerous conditions such as start and end dates, specific store locations or regions, restrictions, spending requirements, attach coupons, and designate preferred product groups and categories. Furthermore, the system has the ability to create, print, scan, and redeem coupons. For easy insight into the return on investment, detailed coupon reports allow you to see how many coupons were redeemed for which items and by which customers. Enter values for gift cards including purchase details, redemption information, expiration dates, and amounts. Assign coupon names, codes, conditions, provide descriptions, and attach to desired promotions.

Offering a special discount for goods may not only bring new clients but can also bring back previous customers. With the “Discount” button you can apply discount to the entire sale ($ amount or % off). Service giftcards and view balances. Apply promotions at the touch of a button. Lookup and apply coupon codes on-site.

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