Integrated payments



ERPLY Payment Integrations


In general ERPLY supports following two setups:

  • Integrated payments – POS is integrated with your payment device and payment provider so the amount is automatically displayed on the device. Transaction information reaches back to ERPLY and is automatically recorded. This results in streamlined workflow and lower risk of mistakes because of manual data entry.

  • External payment device – payment amount is manually entered into the external device. Sales associate must manually enter the transaction details into ERPLY POS. This method is suitable if you want to choose from wider range of payment providers.


ERPLY is integrated with following payment providers:


United States

  • Bank of America

  • Chase

  • Citibank

  • Wells Fargo

  • US Bank

  • HSBC

  • Mercury Payment Systems

  • Element Payment Services

  • Apple Pay (coming soon)

  • PayPal

  • Cayan


United Kingdom

  • HSBC

  • Barclays (Q4 2016)

  • Lloyds Banking Group

  • The Royal Bank of Scotland

  • PayPal


  • Commonwealth Bank

  • ANZ

  • Westpac

  • National Australia Bank


  • Payment Express

  • PayPal

Scandinavia and Baltics (DK, FI, NO, SE, EE, LV, LT)

  • Nordea

  • Handelsbanken

  • SEB

  • Swedbank

  • LHV

  • Jyske Bank

  • Sydbank

  • Nets

  • NixPay

  • PayPal

Rest of the world

  • PayPal


External payment devices

If you did not find a suitable provider from the list above, then you can use ERPLY POS with any external payment device.

ERPLY POS can be easily configured to support the appropriate workflow.


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